Cubar crew here for you Cubar crew here for you

  • Publish Date: 07-17-19

Energetic. Trouble shooter. Currently “Director of maintenance” Boat owner since 2007. Scuba certified, advanced open water. SSB certified. Teachable. Boat university classes: Seattle, Richmond. Pacific Ocean whale watching sponsor. Atlantic, gulf, and…

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Crew Wanted Cubar 2019 Crew Wanted Cubar 2019

  • Publish Date: 05-20-19

Looking for 1 maybe 2 crew for Highly Customized 50' pilothouse.  Destiny is based on 1990 4855 Bayliner that  had a 5' hull extension 2018 with a scuba compress, add fuel storage, balst tanks, and scuba tank storage, setup with Simrad NSO2 dual screens,…

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