Kathy Mack
08-18-18 20 Hits

Height: 5’3

Weight: 110 pounds

Age: 26-35

General Availability: Flexible, I can request off or change schedule as needed


I have been recently introduced to sailing and I love it, very new to it all, did all the beer cans races and a couple other races on Minx and have been doing a couple social sails amd learning as much as I can from anyone willing to teach or let me observe and get hands on. I am athletic a fast learner, strong, well balanced amd love everytimg related to the ocean. Currently living on a sail boat in Harbor Island a few nights a week and have a house in Mexico,  I love sailing and the boat life everyday more and more. So want to be in the water as much as possible, want to learn to hopefully sail away someday myself, i and have a pretty flexible schedule. I am oart of the sailing in Sd crew pool fbk group as Kathy Mack. Email is kmdurini@gmail.com

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Crew Member

Grew up on the ocean and on boats. I have a lot of time on the water. Although I know very little about sailing. Looking to find a crew that can take me under their wing and train me. I'm 26 with a great work ethic. 

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