04-05-16 115 Hits

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 160

Age: 46-55

General Availability: Weekends and Wednesday Evenings

I am a 46 year old woman looking for inshore race crew opportunities. I have been sailing for 4 months now and have had the opportunity to crew on a Taylor 49 race boat on running backstays and learning jib trim (I just participated in the Bay Charity Race on this boat and we took 2nd!) I also crew on a Beanatu 36.7 in the CCYC beer can races this spring. I will looking for a race boat to crew on for the SDYC beer cans and other races and regattas. I am a very technical person and am a quick learner. 

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Hudson River Community Sailing

Hello SDYC community:  I am in SD for the week for work and am looking to join a regatta this weekend.  If there are no races than I'd love to join a casual day out.

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